Ylang Ylang for frigidity treatment


Frigidity is a rather novel topic…atleast for me it was…had just heard of ‘impotence’ (as if it wasn’t enough for that matter), and then the word ‘frigid’ came to fore..

You know it’s just like ‘only the wearer knows where the shoe bites’…i guess only the ones suffering through it can understand what pathetic condition frigidity is..

Perhaps…the way i was a tad sceptical about frigidity..I wont be surprised if some of you too out there are sailing in the same boat…so let us first clarify the very concept of it…

hmm….Frigidity is basically ‘female impotence’(i know i sound rather lame..but thats the quickie to explain)…to elaborate…it’s a typical condition in which females want to indulge much less in sexual activities as a result of lack of interest in the same..which apparently has some psycho-physiological reason..

As far as the causal factors are concerned…the major one is considered to be marital monotony…this being just ‘one’ of the many factors…then the others being..faulty information received about the activity…then possibly a coversation gap between the wedded-two…then say…there ain’t any kind of innovation involved the process..you know when the husband doesnt want to experiment..there develops a lingering montony in the usually enjoyable activity…it may even be due to the way itis carried out…all these things just add on the the deterioration of the sex life and eventually leading the female to go frigid…also aging can also be a major reason..

Menopause…is a great reason itself..women simply lose interest then..


Well…Ylang Ylang has long been considered an aphrodisiac and it rather hypnotises a being with its quality…soothing and pacifying qualities…Is some the best perfumes’ chief ingredient….Ylang ylang flowers are usually distilled several times, with the earlier distillations typically giving the nicer aromatics…….Its aroma takes a being into an entirely different world…

Now when you know it’s base qualities…try answering it yourself as to WHY it is a saviour…all you women out there..

Ylang Ylang essential oil helps in balancing sexual emotion and sex drive problems…..Due to its aphrodisiac properties it enhances sensuality, attraction between lovers and increases the libido….(that sounds interesting)…….The aroma of this oil elevates sexual energy and enhances relationships…Greatly helpful in frigidity…

Its application…instigates different feelings(in a way)…I mean imagine this from the fact that it’s used chiefly indecorating the rooms of newly-weds(so now you’ll have to agree that it has some factor ditinct from the rest).

Nest time…my personal suggestion…before you fear of any stigma if suffering from any such problem…try the simplest and basic remedy…and live the change..

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