Sedative ylang ylang

Times when…an excessively hectic day takes its toll on us…all we crave for…is a lap…a lullaby that’ll ease down our strained senses and provide us a refuge from reality…no matter for a fraction of minutes…

But alas! Gone are the days of such serene experiences ’cause Good morning! Living in the 21st century…the maximum of comfort that we’re offered is a soft couch…and no granmas singing lullabies…but just the iPods or music players to keep us going..

But…but…but…there’s something that’s secretly intact…in its full natural bloom…certain gifts of nature that hold similar sedating qualities which quietly pacify you…calm you down…and remain ethereal without any human interruption…the natural…. esoteric oils

One of the most health benefiting oil is the Ylang Ylang oil. The calming effect of this oil is just commendable…it soothes the nervous system. When applied…this oil does wonders and eliminates the stress on mind almost instantly (largely owing to its exquisite smell ).

One who is shocked with any incident or have fear of anything for them it is very effective as it helps in removing it. Brings the blood pressure to normal levels…usage of this might be amazingly beneficial for those suffering from acute blood pressure problems. It is referred for rapid breathing and heart beats. It plays a major role in balancing the sebum secretion of our body.

The floral, dainty smell of Ylang Ylang is irresistible. It is known for its unique relationship to the heart and its intriguing ability to slow down a rapid heart beat. I personally can vouch for great results with this oil. It easily alleviates the symptoms of any kinds of stress or trauma.

Ylang Ylang is a strong sedative and antispasmodic. Do one thing…and experience it’s amazing affect…add it to your massage oil and then apply, you will feel a noticeable difference. Use it in your bathing water…it fights insomnia, reduces tension and anxiety.

Ylang Ylang helps people suffering from depression. Its normalizing and euphoric properties lift the person mentally and emotionally. It is good for anyone who has low self-esteem and women suffering from PMS.

The calming and relaxing properties and exotic fragrance make it an excellent sedative oil.

Ylang Ylang acts on the cardiovascular system. It may help to lower blood pressure, slow down an over rapid heart beat (trachycardia) or slow rapid breathing (hyperpnea).

With so many amazing and useful benefits of this oil…i..personally…just go on exploring.


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