Reducing rapid breathing and rapid heart beat.


Even the slighest of exertions in today’s life can render us gasping for air… hyperventilating… palpitating… feeling drained..we think hard as to why are we feeling so restless, so out of place…desperate to find something that eases us down…slows us down..

In cases like the above..average man resorts to medicines..the rest ignore (Okay, i confess I fall in this category)..but rarely are people aware that Ylang Ylang oil can prove to be the best help in such cases.

Let me first explain to you in detail about hyperventilation and palpitation.

What are Palpitations?

Palpitation…a common problem in today’s world…when the heart of a being beats rapidly and erratically…Usually the being going through the condition becomes quite aware of and can actually feel the heart beating fast..frankly..there’s nothing very serious about it…but can be distressing at times.

Palpitation is a condition that occurs when normally there is a disruption….or abnormalities in the heart beat. This abnormality in the heartbeats could be isolated as a single beat that is out of line of sync…..or it could be present as several irregular heartbeats which that continue over a period of time….If they do last for prolonged periods of time, it could cause you pain as well as muscle damage in the heart.

Gong through indigestion or maybe gas…there’s nothing to fear if palpitations happen…they’re common during indigestion and gas. There is a kind of connection between anxiety and palpitation and this is due to the constriction of blood vessels and the reduced oxygen flow.

Each muscle in the heart is well-equipped at producing electrical impulses…which inturn generates a heartbeat…when the electrical signals and impulses  pass over the electrical pathways . If the heart muscles are not performing uniformly and as it is expected to, the heartbeats are not regular.

What is hyperventilation?

Hyperventilation is condition in which an individual breathes excessively and at a more rapid rate than necessary for the body’s needs, which changes blood chemistry, affects the function of nerves and muscles, and inturn the flow of blood to the brain decreases. The ones suffering usually seek any medical help and fear that something is happening to their body. Because of the person’s bodily condition, he usually goes through anxiety.

This condition might solely be caused by anxiety….and as matter of fact there are similarities between this problem and panic attacks…but then they are two entirely different things. estimation to give you….

・  50% of individuals with panic disorder have hyperventilation symptoms.

・  25% of individuals with hyperventilation syndrome have panic disorder.


Ylang-ylang can soothe and calm us down. It has a sedative effect and pacifying quality and can help with the stress of anxiety and fear. Other uses include the reduction of high blood pressure and the use of intestinal infection.

When mixing an ylang ylang massage oil, reduce the quantity of oil used from the normal 5 drops per 10ml to, say, 3 drops. As it is such a strongly fragrant oil, when making a mixed blend, you may wish to use less ylang ylang in proportion to other oils in the mixture so as to avoid the ylang ylang overpowering the other scents.

Despite its heady fragrance, ylang ylang is a cooling oil and makes a good general tonic.

It is also an intestinal antiseptic which controls stomach ailments. When added to a gentle massage or vapors it can help to relieve mild food poisoning. We can even blend it with sandalwood, rose or neroli.

So thats how I can vouch for Ylang Ylang being nature’s magic.

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