Fight PMS – Grab Ylang Ylang

PMS…Pre-menstrual syndrome…i went through it…nothing great an experience to be shared..but just to make you relate to it better I will..

Those incapacitating cramps in the abdominal area…feeling as if  it’s filled with something that should be extricated from in it…then feeling partially…depressed without any known cause…you know like when you just feel blue..i used to get rather pessimistic in those days…and a little cranky for no reason..this was not the case always…but then most of the times..

Now let me exemplify PMS in a more refined and objective language..

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) refers to a wide range of physical or emotional symptoms….or occurrences…that mainly happen about 5 to 11 days before a woman starts her monthly menstrual cycle…..The symptoms usually stop when menstruation begins…or maybe  shortly thereafter…


Apparently…….the exact cause of such occurrences is not yet known to anyone….Probably the only sane reason for these is that women…in the second half of their menstrual cylcle become comparatively more vulnerable to being affected by the hormonal changes..going inside them.

What Hormones Cause PMS?

PMS usually burden the women having absolutely fine and normal menstrual cycle….

See…what exactly happens is that during menstruation……the ovaries make two main hormones-

1.       Estrogens

2.       progesterone

Estrogens is made by the ovaries throughout the entire menstrual cycle…..It reaches its highest levels during the second and third weeks and declines during the last week……During the last two weeks of the cycle the ovaries also make progesterone…..The last two weeks of the menstrual cycle is called the luteal (secretory) phase.

Both estrogens and progesterone prepare the uterus (womb) to accept a fertilized egg….Both estrogens and progesterone also affect women’s moods.

hmm…Okay now…how to seek pacification…Ylang Ylang oil…

Ylang Ylang, means” flower of flowers” (Okay i know that you already know that!)….This amazingly lovely tropical flower has an light fraction…. Stimulating or relaxing for body and mind depending on what is needed. Antiseptic, nervine, PMS….It reduces muscle spasms..not only is even used as an anti-depressant and an aphrodisiac….

Ylang Ylang oil…I mean its application is known to reduce PMS symptoms including mood swings…..not only promotes regularity in terms of menstrual cycle….want even better results…try using it in a bath…

To a great extent it benefits us emotionally…eases down our mind..caresses our senses with it’s light sweet smell..

Ylang Ylang is classified as an antidepressant and sedative and can also help one to cope with stress…..anxiety and to recover from shock…..Ylang Ylang essential oil is also used to combat anger and unusual behaviour…as it has the ability to soothe the brain and nervous system…dope the senses..and for conditions like it does the same…doesn’t let our minds to wander…leaving us feeling pampered and rather dopey..

A companion for every damsel in distress..

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