Controlling high blood pressure


Kid scored a ‘D’ in the test…miffed..

Piles of plates & mammoth-sized laundry to be done…strained…

Office hours clashing with your doctor’s appointment…hassled

Result…blood pressure soaring high…very high…

Well…probably this is the case for every common man today…I faced it too…Consulted an acquaintance doing a course in naturopathy and the person mentioned Ylang Ylang oil…it helps fight high blood pressure and decreases nervous tension.

One very practical benefit of Ylang Ylang involves lowering blood pressure. Over the years, many people have vouched for this oil’s ability to drop their blood pressure and improve overall health.

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Have a look at it in a little detail- Health Benefits of Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

Its benefits are just not confined to this…here sharing the untouched ones.

Therapeutic Action

  • lifts mood; anti-depressant
  • calms and relaxes nerves; good for anxiety
  • relieves stress and tension
  • euphoric, aphrodisiac
  • brings out feelings, encourages communication
  • increases confidence; helpful for sexual dysfunction
  • balances mood swings; good for PMS and menopause
  • promotes good sleep
  • relaxes tight, stiff muscles
  • eases pain
  • said to reduce high blood pressure
  • relieves nausea and motion sickness
  • balances the skin’s oil production; good for normalizing acne and dry skin conditions
  • disinfectant

And these all in all reduces your blood pressure by chunks…thus leaving a being feeling light and zealous….

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