In Indonesia, Ylang ylang flower petals are strewn upon the bed of newlywed couples.


For ages…different sorts of exotic smells, lights, a unique ambience have been experimented to swing the moods of young couples…to develop environments Conducive  for them to feel at ease…to let loose in each other’s presence..

Just another thing..perhaps a lot more effective is Ylang Ylang oil..just one of those things that ignites the initial spark between an item.

The rooms of newly wedded couples are decorated with Ylang Ylang flowers.… solid reasons behind the gesture…Ylang Ylang enhances the sexual energy and  in turn strengthens relationships. It stimulates the adrenal glands….heard of the adrenalin rush? That is what exactly happens due to the strong smell of the oil/flowers…and eventually does wonders for the newly-weds.

It is calming and relaxing and may also help with anger and rage and low self-esteem and fills you with a lot of self-confidence…for the very first timers. It brings back the feelings of self-love, joy and peace.

The petals of Ylang Ylang are spread on the bed of newly wedded couples….the bride’s getaway bag….& various other places…probably so that even she can lay the same on her bed on the night of her honeymoon.

A soothing massage done in the right manner using Ylang Ylang oil does wonders for the moods of couples…blend it with certain other essential oils rejuvenates you and puts even the slightest of sensations on high alert…its gentle smell reduces stress…strain…relaxes your senses and makes you ready for any sort of mental or physical adventure.

Probably your grandad or grandma can tell you of the history of scented candles and room sprays that were used to lighten the moods of the people…especially when it came down to  handling bonds as delicate as marriage…

It has been done extensively in the is still being done…and it’ll continue to be done as long as we have such gifted esoteric scents bestowed on us by nature…the naturally stimulating strong smells of flowers of Ylang Ylang…or simply Ylang Ylang oil itself…


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