A tribe called the Bori Bori used as hair conditioner

Almost everything on earth has an extended…history…sometimes funny…sometimes tragic…sometimes weird..

Our dearest and most precious..multi-purpose ( Phew! Sometimes…i seriously feel that Ylang Ylang is too good to be true )…too has a rather ‘cute’ (yes..i’d term it cute! ) history…

Ever heard of the tribe ‘Bori Bori’ ( Frankly…I had not! )Anyway……this Bori Bori tribe from the Tahiti region (Maluc) used to get ready and decorate themselves using these flowers of Ylang Ylang tree……

And used Ylang-Ylang as a hair conditioner and they used it as a perfume…not literally but they rubbed it all over their  bodies to keep in good health and to secretly smell of flowery……

Hang on….it is not all! They even used it in their tea….thay believed in its medicinal properties…and knew its usage would keep all sorts of infections and diseases at bay…diseases like malaria, typhoid, diarrhea.

And they used it to pacify themselves…applied it to calm themselves down.

Okay now that i’ll be telling you is not about the Bori-Bori tribe but the ‘Bori-Bori’ name…

The core crowd of Indonesia mixes Ylang-ylang flowers in coconut oil and use it for general skincare, treatment of the scalp, counter fevers, cutaneous eruptions and to reduce itchiness from stings and bites…..A lotion called Bori-bori was made from the mixing of Ylang-Ylang flowers in curcuma or coconut oil and was used to friction the body during the cold and rainy season to prevent fevers…isn’t that an uncanny over-lapping of the name?

Sure it is…here’s more…listen up…

Distincting qualities of Ylang Ylang oil:

Hypo-tensor – calms down hyper activities

Excellent for asthmatics

Extremely calming

Reduces hyperpnoea (over-accelerated breathing rate) and tachycardia (abnormal rapidity of heart beat)

Helps with sexual problems such as frigidity, or people who are out of touch with their bodies

Impotence – especially for men who are too cold towards their lover or children, like they are disconnected

Classed as an aphrodisiac, make the body feel warm and sensuous, restores childlike body warmth. Good for puberty when teenagers are feeling awkward


Probably they discovered the extensive qualities of the magic tree before we did..well then..Bori Bori…we follow…

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