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Nostalgia…the word has a strong connect to smells…of all kinds (No! i dont mean a stench)…But personally…I like to keep the empty bottles of my perfumes just to relive the memories i made when i was carrying that very scent…

What I am trying to say is that we might forget names, people, faces…but a familiar, sweet scent, aroma remains in the senses for life..Ylang Ylang holds a similar smell..

Ylang Ylang (you pronounce it as ‘eelang eelang oil’)…if we precisely talk about the plant…it has a very lingering and dainty smell. The smell of it…like I mentioned previously stays in the mind forever..Ylang Ylang plant is called ‘the flower of flowers’ in the Malayan language.The flower hails from Madagascar…has a dull yellow shade and is apparently laid on the beds of newly-weds to signify happiness and prosperity.

Special mount and kind of attention is needed for it’s tree to develop fully and as far as it’s sweet fragrance is concerned. When left untouched , the flowers of the tree may or may not bear any scent. Growing a tree is one full-time has to take care of to the hilt. The flowers are to be collected fresh when they fall. Though when it comes down to flowers like Rose or Jasmine…the flowers should be picked early in the morning and then they are to be prepared for the process of distillation.

The distillation process includes “fractions,” after various levels of it…fractions in simple language means there are different parts of the process…this is done because after each part…certain amount of oil that is generated is collected…then a step is taken ahead.

The kind material used for the process mentioned above varies…we can term it distiller’s art…the art is rare for different oils…the manifestation can be observed as far as the prices of the different qualities of oils is concerned.

Levels in distillation are 3…usually the 1st stage is considered the the sense that the scent obtained after the 1st fraction of distillation is the most pious…th most delicate of all. It’s usually the time consumed after fraction that determines the complete time of distillation


  • Ylang Ylang Extra….considered the most expensive of all.
  • Ylang Ylang I, II & III and Ylang Ylang Complete which is the full distillation of the oil…and do not go through any fractions of distillation.

Ylang Ylang III,  sesquiterpenes-

The comparatively least thin of all is the oil extracted in the last…Ylang Ylang lll and to explain to you what   Sesquiterpenes(I know the pronunciation is tricky) is are a class of chemicals common in higher plants that are naturally occurring alcohols.

They very uncommonly exist in vulnerable aromatic oils. When distilled from plant matter they are known to stimulate the liver and endocrine glands. Sesquiterpenes give Ylang Ylang its powerfully antispasmodic and sedative properties.

When we take in the air that holds the scent of the oil…it helps to stifle anxiety or any kinds of incapacitating uneasiness. Ylang Ylang helps to deepen your respiration for slower more rhythmic breathing and helps fighting panic attacks.

Research studies show that Ylang Ylang oil stimulates the Central Nervous Systems and helps alleviate depression.

Ylang Ylang  oil is an excellent natural medicine for  hypertension! It is used in massaging oils and it is pretty well known for relieving muscular aches and pains. Ylang Ylang oil treats PMS symptoms, including Mood Swings and is effective for reducing emotional blockages in the heart region.

Phew! Name it & its meant for curing it.

Ylang Ylang oil stimulates feelings of enjoyment and self confidence and can be helpful for overcoming performance anxiety.

Often used in men’s fragrances Ylang Ylang is a healing oil for men. Ylang Ylang supports a man’s connection and expression of the feminine and intuitive side of his nature.

Something that is laid on the beds of newly-weds ought to have that lingering sweet smell…that takes the senses to a new high.

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