Cananga odorata


Cananga odorata is just another name for Ylang Ylang….Franklythe flowers of it (Ylang Ylang) are puny.
The USP of it is it’s smell…fragrance…aroma.
The most intriguing thing about this tree is that its flowers are even used in the popular perfume Chanel #5 …quite thrillinmg to know….

The best thing about this tree is..that even when its really starts to bear flowers…which are rather pretty looking and even better smelling.
It likes the heat and grows and blooms during the warm season.
You know…its ability to grow fast is amazing…I mean it wont take much time for it to grow fully.

You know when a tree is so precious for what it offers it is rather delicate….there are strong recommendations for keeping it awat from strong winds…as its branches break rather easily.
Cananga is a  basically a tropical tree, it flourishes in warm weather but it stiil can go on in comparatively low temperatures around freezing for short periods of time.

Commonly Known name: Ylang Ylang.
Family: annonaceae (annona family).
Originally this tree belongs to Indonesia, tropical tree is medium in sze and is now also growing in Suriname.
Cananga is growing up to 70′ tall, has simple alternate leaves.
The flowers are yellow and very nice smelling and also ylang ylang has medicinal properties; it is used in aromatherapy and can slow down rapid breathing and rapid heart rate.
The oil made from the flowers has a calming and very pacifying effect.

Propagated as: seeds.
Culture: full sun, wet moist soil.
It is to be protected from frost or plant in frost free spots.
Can be kept as a container plant indoors in the cooler zones.

Dwarf version of Ylang-Ylang

You know…its not easy to grow Cananga odorata, Ylang-Ylang Tree. It is fast growing and can get quite huge…You need to have a complete room to grow it.
With the Desmo chinensis, a small relative you get that intense fragrance but in a plant that can be kept around 3 to 4 feet.
Better for ones with space constraints….And for those in cold areas that will need to protect tropical plants in the winter and otherwise would have a hard time growing the full size Ylang-Ylang.

FAMILY : Annonaceae
ORIGIN : India
SIZE : 3′-4′
GROWTH RATE : moderate
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : filtered light
MIN. TEMP. : low 30℃
FLOWER : warmer months of the year

Wow! That were some intereting facts about the ‘official’ Ylang Ylang tree..I feel so informed..hope you too do.


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