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Uses of Ylang Ylang

Controlling high blood pressure

YLANG YLANG OIL – COOLING YOUR BOILING BLOOD…FIGHTS HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Kid scored a ‘D’ in the test…miffed.. Piles of plates & mammoth-sized laundry to be done…strained… Office hours clashing with your doctor’s appointment…hassled Result…blood pressure soaring high…very high… Well…probably … Continue reading

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Aromatherapy and the fragrance industry

YLANG YLANG OIL-AROMATHERAPY AND FRAGRANCE INDUSTRY  Ylang Ylang oil…you know where did it originate from??? Yes! Philippines it is!! Ylang Ylang means “flower of flowers” or “fragrance of all fragrances.” And hence….the very fragrance is traditionally used in aromatherapy  to … Continue reading

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One of the most famous perfumes that draws heavily on Ylang Ylang is “Chanel No.5″.

YLANG YLANG’S GRAND CRUSADER…CHANEL NO.5 CHANEL…need I say more? The brand itself speaks for it’s authenticity and grandeur…Let’s do a sneak peek in it’s past.. Amazing is her past…Chanel…a female…born in 1883…lost her parents at a tender age…hailed from the … Continue reading

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Ylang Ylang Exotic Natural Beauty Oil

Ylang Ylang, as weird as the name might sound to you, the oil is really one of the kinds that a normal being would love to use in any kind of beauty session or simply to relax the senses and … Continue reading

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Those long lustrous tresses and sweep anyone off their feet..Beautiful hairs have always been in vogue..But thanks to today’s environment, pollution and frequent commuting that management of those long beautiful locks goes haywire… Less time..Long list of things screaming for … Continue reading

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Ylang Ylang for frigidity treatment

FRIGIDITY BLUES- YLANG YLANG TO RESCUE Frigidity is a rather novel topic…atleast for me it was…had just heard of ‘impotence’ (as if it wasn’t enough for that matter), and then the word ‘frigid’ came to fore.. You know it’s just … Continue reading

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Use of Ylang Ylang in aromatherapy for PMS

YLANG YLANG- PACIFICATION PROVIDER DURING PMS PMS…Pre-menstrual syndrome…i went through it…nothing great an experience to be shared..but just to make you relate to it better I will.. Those incapacitating cramps in the abdominal area…feeling as if  it’s filled with something … Continue reading

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A tribe called the Bori Bori used as hair conditioner

Almost everything on earth has an extended…history…sometimes funny…sometimes tragic…sometimes weird.. Our dearest and most precious..multi-purpose ( Phew! Sometimes…i seriously feel that Ylang Ylang is too good to be true )…too has a rather ‘cute’ (yes..i’d term it cute! ) history… … Continue reading

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Treating certain disorders of the male reproductive system.

 Ylang Ylang essential oil is a natural remedy for problems with the reproductive system, Ylang -Ylang helps balance hormone production. It also works for the benefit of people that suffer from mood swings caused by Premenstrual syndrome. Ylang Ylang essential … Continue reading

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Ylang Ylang – The Great Benefits

Ylang Ylang, yes I admit that the very first time I heard the name I was in splits! Not because of any other reason but because of the fact that the name is rather unusual and the one who hears … Continue reading

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